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Environmental Policy | Lough Eske Castle

Environmental Policy

Lough Eske Castle hotel has endorsed and fully supports the principles of sustainability and will work with all stakeholders in a spirit of partnership to minimize our impact on the environment.


Lough Eske Castle hotel is committed to continually striving to create a more sustainable operation through the consistent reduction of our carbon footprint on a yearly basis.


We have changed our bulbs to LED bulbs.


We have installed aerators in taps to reduce water flow and we have installed hippo bags in the cisterns.


We are using a refiling system, Voya, for our mini toiletries and we are practicing a no-plastic policy.


Our water for the guests is now in cardboard packaging (instead of glass) which is made from 88% renewable raw materials.


Our lights in the bedrooms are operated using room keycards.


We have electrical charging points for the cars.



Our main goals for 2024 are:


Qualitative goal:

We want to be an example of good practice and to raise awareness about sustainability among employees, customers and the local community in order to have better results in sustainable development.



Quantitative goals:

1. Water reduction: 2% (6 months), 4% (12 months)

2. Energy reduction: 3% (6 months),  6% (12 months)

3. Waste: Landfill 2% (6 months), 4% (12 months)

Food 2% (6 months), 4% (1 2months) 


We recognize that achieving sustainability will take time and will encourage all stakeholders to engage with us in achieving these goals and targets and we will be open to suggestions and ideas generated from them.


We agree to abide by this policy in the normal course of our everyday operation, and to provide information to visitors, employees, and stakeholders to inform them of the actions our business is taking, and what actions they can take to assist our business in achieving our goals. Visitors and employees are encouraged to engage actively with our Green Programme with suggestions and ideas.